Welcome to Crete island
Welcome to the land of deep heart given
hospitality and good wine… 

Welcome to Crete, the Land of Xenios Zeus

... Tourism a la carte ...
Complete Creative Packages / 1day holiday breaks
for families, couples, singles, seniors, and small
individual groups.

We organize a personalized tourist program to fulfill your preferences and needs. 
We adapt to what you desire. We guarantee you a flexible team, with knowledge 
of the all activities in the region. We prepare the best programs for you and 
recommend the best attractions that our region has to offer.

Crete is beautiful
Life is beautiful
Life in Crete island is a 100 times beautiful...
why tailor made
We offer the opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Crete without the
need to join an organised tour, providing you with the ultimate
travel experience - individual travel without the associated hassles!

We specialise in travel arrangements for individual Clients designing a 
variety of tours and packages that is tailor-made to suit the exact 
requirement of our clients

Whether you choose to travel on your own, with a partner or with your 
own group, tailor made travel provides freedom, flexibility and an 
individual experience.

We are happy to organise walking – biking – hiking – cycling – cooking 
wine tasting – religion – educational tours of any length. 

We always welcome the opportunity to quote for tailor made packages 
of any grade in Crete.
our philosophy

Stay Put, Keep it Small, No Following Red Umbrellas!
We aim to provide tailor made travel opportunities for individuals and small groups in Crete
and Greece that have minimum impact on the region

We promote small group sizes to lessen cultural and environmental impact.

We believe that travel involves experiencing and appreciating local cultures without imposing
our own culture on theirs

We aim to provide a personalized “one to one” service for all aspects of travel planning for
Greece – Greek Islands and Crete.

Each tour includes pick up and drop off from your hotel or other accommodation / airport / other transport terminal. At meal times guests enjoy fine dining, homestead cooking or gourmet bush picnics 

Our service is professional, refreshing, stimulating and unique. Tour programs are arranged with style and imagination. Tell us your interests and we will plan an itinerary to suit.

Private Cultural Full day tours

We believe that the most authentic way to experience and understand the heritage of Greek Culture/ Religion/ Nutrition / History/ Way of life  and its People, is in the company of a local scholar, walking through streets which
alive with religion, art and history, immersing in the architecture, learning about the life, traditions, and customs
Greek people, past and present.
You will sample some of the finest meals as well as fruit and vegetables in the world.

You will drink selected spirits (ouzo – tsipouro – raki) and wines that will elevate your spirit and help you relax,
relish the excellent traditional cooking in some of the less obvious restaurants that we will point you out.

We can promise you we will not be part of any tourist trail or the “sheep following” mentality.
Our aim has always been to offer quality not quantity
We are in this business because we love our land and its culture.

Our work consists of sharing our passion and knowledge with others.

Our guests!!!

Thank you for your time

One Day Trips
The Most "WOW!" Travel Deals on the Internet

Icon painting & Sculpturing

Unique escape from the daily routine… Combination of Cretan culture – nutrition – music and of course the Art of iconography and wood sculpturing, by well known Cretan artists…

participation: minimum : 4 
..........................maximum: 8

Price per person: € 187 

· 3 – 5 hours lesson of painting or  
  sculpturing or pottery 
· All transportation hotel to the studio 
  and to the local tavern for lunch 
· meal: traditional healthy meal 
· Coffee & local spirit Raki when in 



OR      Cretan Dancing

participation: minimum : 4 
..........................maximum: 8

Price per person: € 176

· 3 – 4 hours lesson of Cretan dancing
· Cultural drive through villages
· All transportation hotel to the studio  
   and to the local tavern for lunch 
· meal: traditional healthy meal 
· Coffee & local spirit Raki when in 



Walking the Cretan
Mountains & Country side or Hiking

Far from the daily stress, beyond cities, villages and central road axes, high, in the mountains of Crete. A offer to the concerned traveller , the one that seeks furiously the "other Crete" the one that is found everywhere flooded from sweet smelling' flowers, herbs, undergrowth, shrub trees, bare rocks, scrubs, peaks, passes, streams and wild canyons... 

participation: minimum : 4 
..........................maximum: 8

Price per person: € 160

· Professional guide hiker known the 
  Cretan mountains 
· Transportation to the point of start 
  walking and pick up from the point walk 
· Transportation / pick up from / to the 
· Meal. Rich, traditional, variety of tasty 
  local specialties when on mountain

PORTO Club glorious countryside on foot and discover the joy of seeing a region up close and at your own pace. With a E4 road underfoot and a medieval village as your destination, the day’s journey is all that matters, and time is simply measured in intervals between home wine tasting. 

Our tour group size generally averages 4-8 walkers with one guide. Our tour leaders are with you to point out the hidden delights behind the scenes, to fill you in on local history, to gently guide you along the trails they know so well. 

Our van appears at strategic points along the day’s route to offer refreshments or a lift. Options are offered for longer or shorter walks on most days, but on average we walk from 3-5 hours per day. 


Cycling or Mountain Biking

… Rest for many people means relaxation. For few, means expansion, adventure, sweat and the adventure fans continuously are increased. Crete is ideal destination for mountain biking enthusiasts. Hundreds kilometers in virgin mountainous regions only for mountain biking in company with the free range goats the clear atmosphere, bare rocks, scrubs, peaks, passes, streams and beautiful wild canyons...

participation: minimum : 4 
..........................maximum: 8

Price per person: € 160 

PRICE INCLUDES: · Biker Leader
· Bike rental & helmet
· Exclusive vehicle with driver as Back 
  up service when biking
· Transportation from / to the hotel
· Info, maps, brochures
· Snack / refreshments / drinking water /  


Shepherds Day -
Goat Cheese making Traditional Way

The experience. For sometime you will become part the big family of Cretan shepherds. You will feel the companionship of these unique people, you will taste traditional rice pilaf and goat meat cooked the special unique Cretan shepherds way that only in Crete you can eat. You drink raki. With few words for just. a little time you will become Kritikos (Cretan)

participation: minimum : 4 
..........................maximum: 8

Price per person: € 138

· Transportation from / to the hotel to the 
   shepherds area
· Join the cheese making and the 
   shepherds way of life or picture the 
   locals and the cheese making  
· Meal with the shepherds tasting finest 
  quality – unique tasty free range meat,  
  rice pilaf shepherds way, home – free  
  chemical wine 


Private Cultural Drive & Churches & Monasteries

Is not known when first monasteries founded in Crete island. It’s believed, they were founded the first – Byzantine years. The early Christianisation of Crete, and the short distance from Egypt, where the “fathers” of deserted founded the monastic life, helped to bring and accepts Crete island monasticism and the southern coast with the natural shelters and caverns became ideal places and accept the first monks…

participation: minimum : 4 
..........................maximum: 8

Price per person: € 160


· Exclusive chartered vehicle with 
  English speaking driver for the tours / 
  visits the Cretan villages – country side 
  – churches and Monasteries

· Transportation from / to the hotel

· Meal: Rich, unique, tasty, traditional, 
  natural, healthy, cooked by local farm 
  house ladies using old traditional 



Mountain is on our disposal. The scene is changing. Wild , peaceful, beautiful gorges beautiful landscape, set deep in valley farm houses, wild flowers, healing plants and herbs, and...That fine smell. Join it. Picture it…

participation: 4 Persons

Price per person: € 160 


· Chartered 4X4 jeep with driver for the 
  mountain wanderings (Comfortable type 

· Fuel

· Transportation – pick up from / to the 

· Meal: Rich, traditional, variety of local 
  specialties picnic style BBQ 







Cultural - Vegetarian /Vegan and non 1 day nutritional – gastronomic  wanderings

Cretans says that we have the finest gastronomical, tasty and healthy solutions proved and signed by the medical science society. Cheese pies with thyme honey, wild green pies, spinach pies, snails boubouristi, Staka (fresh goat milk cream) cooked a way only Cretans do, goat antikristo, spaghetti the shepherds way and much more. Tastes unique, mouth watering and all those given with a smile coming deep from our heart… 

participation: minimum : 4 
..........................maximum: 8

Price per person: € 138

· Exclusive chartered vehicle with English 
  speaking driver for the tours / 
  wanderings around the Cretan villages 
· Transportation from / to the hotel
· Meal: Rich, unique, tasty, traditional, 
  natural, healthy, cooked by local farm 
  house ladies using old traditional 
· Coffee / mountain tea / local spirit – 
  Raki / home made free chemical wines / 
  home made sweets and spoon sweets 


Dining Cretan Style
Great food and wine are an integral part of Cretan life
Taste fine extra-virgin olive oil, 
We dine in personally selected mountain village “tavernas” and “mezedopolion” that serve authentic regional cuisine and some of our favorite meals are in the private homes of our friends, where we are treated to warm Cretan hospitality and fine home cooking.  
An impressive selection of wine is included with our meals including pure, fine, small quantity, personal use home made wines


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TEL: (+30) 2810 346185 - (+30) 2810 330598
FAX: (+30) 2810 346208

Greek National Tourism Organization.  Permission  Number  5158.
Permis. Nr. 5158

Member  of  HATTA.  Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies.  Permission  Number  1709.
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